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Dezign Media Insider

What is new with Dezign?

Dezign Media would like to welcome the newest member of the team, Jessica Rasillo!

Jess started helping out with VIP Ink event planning, and gradually began helping out within our talent division, and Dom's real estate business. After about a year, she made the decision to leave her 12-year medical career to focus on Dezign and real estate full time. Jess is actively pursuing her real estate license, and she continues to go above & beyond for all of our Dezign clientele.

Featured Client

Clara Woods is a 17 year old perinatal stoke survivor.Although she is unable to read, write, or speak, she is able to vividly express herself through her art.Clara is an international painter, and her family supported her dreams to come to the United States from Italy.Clara is constantly pursuing her dream to open an exhibit in New York City, following in the footsteps of Frida Kahlo.

Follow @woods_clara_ to join her on this journey! And be sure to check out her shop at, and use Dezign's promo code FUN for 15% at checkout!

New Partnerships

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Chilitos! Locally made, their sweet and sour candies mixed with their delicious chamoy is an unbeatable combo for the summer! Visit their site at and use promo code DEZIGN at checkout! Follow their Instagram page @mychilitos

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